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History of the English Springer Spaniel:

Spaniel-type dogs have been around for centuries, and they have always been a popular choice for hunting dogs in England. It wasn’t unusual for dogs of different sizes to be born into the same litter, but hunters began using the various sized dogs for separate tasks.


This breed is of ancient and pure origins, oldest of sporting gundogs; original purpose was finding and springing game for net, falcon or greyhound. Now used to find, flush and retrieve game.

The English Springer Spaniel is gentle, even tempered and sociable. These dogs are intelligent and obedient quick learners. They love everyone and need to be around people as much as possible. (


Symmetrically built, compact, strong, merry, active. Highest on leg and raciest in build of all British land Spaniels. 


Friendly, happy disposition,
biddable. Timidity or aggression highly undesirable. 


Strictly his own. Forelegs swing straight forward from shoulder, throwing feet well forward in an easy free manner. Hocks driving well under body, following in line with forelegs. At slow movement may have a pacing stride typical of this breed.


Strong, neither too long nor too short.
Loin: Muscular, strong with slight arch and well coupled.
Chest: Deep, well developed. Well sprung ribs.

Strawberry Kennels


Strawberry Spaniels

When it comes to taking care of a Springer, one of the most influential items is providing them with plenty of daily exercise. Physical exercise helps keep your dog’s weight under control, plus it allows your pal to burn off any extra energy they may have—the last thing you want is an energetic and bored dog cooped up inside your home.

These dogs will be in their rambunctious puppy phase for about 18 months, after which many tend to calm down—at least a little. Additionally, many dog parents have found that field Springer Spaniels tend to have more energy and require more exercise than show Springers. Just remember never to let your pal off their leash outside unless they are in a securely fenced-in area.

English Springer

English Springer Spaniel Grooming



Many dog parents wonder, “Do English Springer Spaniels shed?” If your dog has a longer coat, chances are they will need brushed multiple times a week, or possibly every other day. Field Springers, which typically have less hair, will not need to be brushed as often, though a few times a week is still ideal. English Springer Spaniels tend to shed all year round, not just during spring and fall, so keep in mind that brushing and sweeping will become a part of your weekly schedule. Plus, the more frequently your dog is brushed, the less hair will be on your clothes, furniture, and floor—at least that’s the hope.



On a biweekly basis, it’s helpful to check your dog’s ears. If they appear dirty, clean them out with a cotton ball and a dog-safe ear cleaning solution. Be sure never to use a cotton swab or clean down into the ear canal, as these could cause accidental injury or pain. In the instance that you notice any unusual redness, discharge, or bad smell from your dog’s ears, this could be the sign of an ear infection, in which case it’s necessary that you take your pal to the veterinarian.


Brushing Teeth

Weekly, your dog’s teeth will also need to be brushed with dog-safe toothpaste. Frequent brushings can help reduce the chances of periodontal disease and, as a bonus, can lessen that stinky dog breath smell.



Around every four to six weeks, your pal may need a bath, though this can entirely depend upon how much time your dog spends outside and whether they visit mud puddles while outdoors. Typically around the time that your Springer requires a bath, they will also need their nails trimmed. As a dog parent, you can determine, based on your schedule and budget, whether you want to do each grooming item yourself or if you’d prefer to take your dog to a professional dog groomer.


How to Train Your English Springer Spaniel

Properly Training

Properly training your dog is an implemental part of raising a certified “good boy.” English Springers are intelligent dogs, capable of learning an impressive list of commands and tricks, even from a young age. Don’t wait until your dog is six months old to begin their training, as they will most likely be more stubborn and already have poor habits developed. Puppy obedience classes can be a helpful resource to consider.

Positive Reinforcement

When training your dog, try to use positive, relaxed tones and reward your pup with praise and treats. Most dogs do not react well to harsh or raised voices, and little progress will be made if your dog does not see training as a fun activity. On your end, it’s essential to remain patient with your pal. Training is an ongoing process, and your dog may need more time to improve upon certain commands.


Along with training, your English Springer must be properly socialized. Socialization should also begin at a young age (after your puppy has received all necessary shots) and continue throughout their life. Socialization opportunities exist around every corner and include anything from going to a dog-friendly restaurant to visiting a dog park. Socialization is mainly centered around your dog being exposed to new people, places, sights, and sounds. The result of socialization will, ideally, be a dog with a well-rounded temperament that feels comfortable in new environments.

Tailored Outings

Each dog is different when it comes to socialization, so you may need to tailor your outings around what your dog is initially comfortable with.


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